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Law libraries are changing as a new generation of law students access information and conduct research in a digital format. Also, as Regent University continues to grow, our law students simply need more and quieter study space. Your tax-deductible gift, in any amount, will help Regent advance as a leader in providing a Christ-first, academically excellent legal education. You will be part of an enduring legacy that:

  • Empowers principled future lawyers and legal counselors to fully realize their legal callings.
  • Attracts high-caliber students who will know that Regent is deeply committed to every facet of their academic success.
  • Above all else, promotes the cause of justice in the lives of millions of people worldwide.


  • Upgrade Library Seating - in April 2013 we were able to upgrade library seating with 300 brand new chairs!

    These fully ergonomic chairs are more conducive to lengthy studying, researching, writing and computing.


  • Widen Study Carrels – To accommodate both books and laptops.
  • Create Individual and Group Study Rooms – To enhance study with soundproofing and SMART Board technology that can connect to multiple laptops or handheld devices simultaneously.
  • Build an Environmentally Controlled Special Collections Room – To protect, preserve and feature special collections, including historic books and manuscripts. This room will also include a beautiful grand reading room with carrels and tables for studying.




Dean Jeffrey Brauch

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