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Below are links to many useful resources that will help you "own your career."

Online Resources


Search thousands of summer associate and other positions that are available exclusively to current law students; learn to prepare for an interview by researching prospective employers; and learn job search strategies with online professional development courses.


Lexis Career Center is a complete online resource for job prospecting and career development.

Martindale-Hubbell Directory

The Martindale-Hubbell Directory is one of the most comprehensive resources for information on law firms and individual lawyers. You can do an advanced search to identify law firms in a particular city by size, practice area, and more. You can also link directly to a firm or legal employer's website from the Martindale-Hubbell Directory.


This resource provides legal information, lawyer profiles and a community to help you make the best legal decisions.

NALP Directory of Legal Employers

This is the most widely used directory in legal recruiting with more than 1,600 employers nationwide.

Intercollegiate Job Bank

Regent University now participates in the "Intercollegiate Job Bank" maintained by Brigham Young University Law School. The Intercollegiate Job Bank contains job postings from over 148 law schools throughout the country. If you would like to receive the username and password that will permit you to view the postings in the Job Bank, please see the login information on PathFinder.

Practice Area Information

For information regarding different legal practice areas, click here.

Funding for Public Interest Internships


PSJD is the online resource connecting public interest law job-seekers with their ideal opportunities in the public interest arena, in the government, at law schools, and around the globe. In addition to our "Opportunities" and "Organizations" databases, check the extensive job seeking resources in the menu on the left.

Equal Justice Works (formerly NAPIL) Summer Fellowships

Equal Justice Works offers several hundred "Summer Corp" fellowships of $1000 for those working a minimum of 300 hours with a nonprofit organization of his/her choice anywhere in the United States. For more information on how to receive these education awards, visit Equal Justice Works or go to the section of its website on the Summer Corps program.

Americorps Legal Fellowship

Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps works to improve access to justice by increasing the availability of pro bono legal services nationwide to low-income clients.

Equal Justice Works Fellowships

The Equal Justice Works Fellowship Program creates partnerships among public interest lawyers, nonprofit organizations, law firm/corporate sponsors, and other donors in order to provide underrepresented populations with effective access to the justice system.


The Public Interest Legal Advocates of Regent (PILAR) is a student-run organization that strives to provide summer grants to qualified law students so they can gain experience in public interest fields during their 1L and 2L summers. Funds are raised through the annual Auction and other activities. All students who wish to receive a grant must work a minimum number of hours to help raise funds in order to be eligible.

Loan Repayment Information

Click here to access Financial Aid Videos.

Bar Associations

Local and National Bar Associations can be a great resource for law students. Bar Associations provide great networking resources as well as great resources on practice areas of law.

General Career Information

Choosing a Path

Find Your Spot
Take an online quiz that tells you the cities that best fit your lifestyle.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter
Provides an online version of the Keirsey Temperament SorterII, a personality test designed to allow job seekers to identify their personality type.
Considered the lawyering survival guide, featuring posts on blogging, careers, ethics, marketing, going paperless, practice management, starting a law firm, and technology.

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Salary Calculator
The cost of living feature lets you compare two cities side-by-side in all the categories you need, such as taxes, housing, food, and other costs. You can enter your salary and the Salary Calculator will determine how much more (or less) you need to maintain your same standard of living.

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