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3L Stephanie Hartman talks about her experience as a Regent Law blogger and how it enriched
her law school experience.

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Regent Law in the News

Click here to keep up with all the latest news happening at Regent University School of Law!
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Lynne Marie KohmFamily Restoration

Professor Lynne Marie Kohm brings a servant leadership model of family preservation and restoration to the practice of family law.
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Regent Law Admissions Regent Law Students & Alumni Blog

Read the stories of Regent Law students and alumni.
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Regent Law Library BlogLaw Library Blog

A library represents a place of knowledge and information. But what if you need information about the library itself? Look no further.
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Regent Law Student Organizations

Updates and information about the student organizations at Regent Law.
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Pryor Thoughts

This blog features Professor Scott Pryor’s occasional and idiosyncratic views of law, culture, and tradition, not necessarily in that order.
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Regent Law Life In Photos
Regent Law Photo Blog

Photos, videos, interviews, and profiles of our Regent family.
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Global JusticeGlobal Justice Updates

Follow our summer interns who are located around the globe as they serve on the ground with human rights organizations and ministries.
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Redeeming LawRedeeming Law

What does it mean to be "called" to the legal profession? Or, can a Christian really be a lawyer?
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Regent Law AdmissionsAdmissions on the Road

Want to learn more about Regent University School of Law? Click here to find out when our dedicated Admissions team will be coming to a city near you!
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Lynne Marie KohmLegal Scruples

A companion blog to the Center for Ethical Formation & Legal Education Reform, whose goal is to produce lawyers who have an understanding of the nature and purpose of the legal profession and are committed to the ethical practice of law.
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