Application Checklist

In admission of students, Regent University School of Law provides a preference for persons adhering to its religious purpose.

The Admissions Committee begins the application-review process after the Office of Admissions has received all required items.

JD Applicants (2 yr. accelerated, 2.5 yr., 3 yr., and part-time programs)

1. Submit the application for admission.

  • Applicants may apply online through LSAC.   If you have any technical difficulty in using the online application, please contact LSAC's Help Desk at 215.968.1393.
  • Shortly after Regent receives your LSAC E-app, we will email you a login and pin for access to an online application status check.

2. Submit two letters of recommendation, including one Faculty Recommendation and either a Clergy/Spiritual Life Recommendation (strongly preferred) or a General Recommendation.

Letters of recommendation may be sent to the Law School Admission Council using LSAC's Letter of Recommendation Service or, in some cases, directly to Regent Law.  Applicants should follow-up with recommenders to ensure that they have submitted the requested document(s).  Recommendations from family members are discouraged and Regent-specific forms are preferred (see below).

  • Faculty Recommendation.  Applicants who have been out of school for five or more years may substitute a General Recommendation. (A traditional letter of recommendation format is acceptable as is LSAC's Letter of Recommendation Service.)
  • Clergy/Spiritual Life Recommendation.  PDF Regent strongly encourages applicants to submit a Clergy/Spiritual Life Recommendation from a pastor, spiritual leader, or someone who can comment on the role of faith in the applicant's life. (Applicants are strongly encouraged to use Regent's Clergy/Spiritual Life Recommendation Form.)

    If this is not possible, applicants may substitute a General Recommendation from an employer. If this is not possible, submit a General Recommendation from someone else who can speak to the applicant's character and other qualifications for legal study.
  • General Recommendation. PDF The General Recommendation Form is a preferred format for employers or character references, though a traditional format is also acceptable.

3. Submit a current and thorough resumé.

4. Submit a personal statement.

5. Submit a $50, non-refundable application fee. (pay online)

6. Subscribe to the Credential Assembly Service (CAS).

  • Click to create an LSAC account.
  • Send official transcripts from every institution you have attended (including graduate schools) to LSAC as a part of the CAS requirement.

M.A. Applicants

LL.M. Applicants (On Campus & Online)

  • Visit our LL.M. page for more information. For application instructions and to apply, click here.