Regent Law School offers the Juris Doctor (JD) degree. The JD is a 90 semester-hour program. Students in the full-time program normally complete their degrees in three years, while part-time students usually complete their degrees in four years.

Law students enrolled in the full-time program may obtain a graduate degree in business, communication, counseling or government in addition to a juris doctorate. Joint-degree students are able to obtain the juris doctor degree and graduate degree in significantly less time than would be required if the two degrees were pursued separately.

Regent Law School also offers a one-year LL.M. in American Studies for international attorneys. American law is rapidly becoming the common currency of business transactions worldwide, and also of many other areas of law, policy, and government.  Thus, there is a significant demand by international lawyers for training in American law, and Regent Law School can meet that need.

Regent University School of Law continues to expand its international outreach.  The ABA has recently approved a new exciting summer opportunity for law students to study in the unique legal environment in Uganda

In addition, the law school has created a program with the Christian Legal Society new window to serve Christian law students and professors at other law schools. The law school and CLS have created a resource center for Christian law students, legal scholars and practitioners who desire to integrate their faith with the study and practice of law. This resource center is called the Institute for Christian Legal Studies. new window The mission of ICLS is to train and encourage Christian law students, law professors and practicing lawyers to seek and study biblical truth, including the natural law tradition, as it relates to law and legal institutions, and to encourage them toward spiritual growth, compassionate outreach to the poor and needy, and the integration of faith with learning, teaching and legal practice.