Financial Aid FAQ

Will I need to resubmit a financial aid application for my second year?
The Merit Scholarships (Faculty Honors, Merit, Dean's Award and Trustee's Award) are automatically renewed for a second year as long as the minimal GPA requirements are met. Military and government employee grants are also renewed automatically as long as one's status with those organizations does not change.

What is the deadline for financial aid?
There is no formal deadline. We will award financial aid monies leading up to the start of each semester.

When will I hear about being awarded financial aid?
Applicants must be offered admission by the Robertson School of Government before the financial aid application will be reviewed and funds awarded. Once you are granted acceptance, we will review your file and have a financial aid decision to you within 2-3 days of your acceptance into the program.

Is there a required enrollment deposit? If yes, how much is it?
Applicants who are admitted to the Robertson School of Government are required to pay a nonrefundable $100 enrollment deposit. This deposit is then applied toward tuition in the applicant's first year of study at Regent University.

What criteria are used to determine my financial aid awards?
We examine an applicant's cumulative GPA, academic rigor of the institution attended, standardized test scores on the GRE or LSAT, writing sample, and for certain awards with additional specific criteria, an applicant's extra-curricular and leadership activities.

Is it possible to come into the program with one award and then receive a better award in one's second or third year?
Normally a student stays on the award he or she entered the program with due to the short duration of our program and because we make the awards based on the objective criteria listed above upon acceptance.

How do I pay a balance due?
Contact the business office at 757.352.4054 or