Speakers Bureau

As a service to colleges, universities and service organizations, the Speakers Bureau of the Robertson School of Government offers seasoned authorities to address key problems and issues. If you would like to book a professor to lecture or give a presentation at your upcoming event, please contact L. Diane Hess-Hernandez by email at RSGDeansoffice@regent.edu or by phone at 757-352-4302.


Field(s) of Expertise:
  • Religion and International Affairs
  • Just War Theory and the Law of Armed Conflict
  • U.S. International Religious Freedom Policy

  • The Christian Worldview of the Founding Fathers
  • Rule of Law and Constitutionalism
  • The Law and Politics of Religious Freedom

Sam S. Gaston. MPA Sam S. Gaston. MPA

  • Local Government Management
  • Council-Manager Form of Government
  • Local Government Planning

Mary Manjikian, Ph.D. Mary Manjikian, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Associate Dean

  • Terrorism
  • Cyberwarfare
  • Gender and the military
  • The American Founding
  • American Constitutionalism
  • Religion and Politics

Dr. Ionut C. Popescu Dr. Ionut C. Popescu
Assistant Professor

  • International Relations
  • American Grand Strategy Doctrine
  • The Politics of US Foreign Policy
  • Servant Leadership
  • Faith in the Workplace and Workplace Spiritual Intelligence
  • Nonprofit Administration

James D. Slack, Ph.D. James D. Slack, Ph.D.
Professor & MPA Program Director

  • Public Policy and Abortion
  • Public Policy and Capital Punishment
  • Morality and Public Service