Transferring Credits

Requirements for transferring graduate credits to RSG:

  • Credits must have been taken from a regionally accredited institution or one approved by RSG.
  • Coursework for credits must be relevant to the degree, with course content and level of instruction at least equivalent to the Robertson School of Government graduate degree program.

Limitations on transferring graduate credits to RSG:

  • Maximum of 25% of the credits required for the degree program.
    • 3 credits may be transferred into the RSG Certificate Program
    • 9 credits may be transferred into the RSG M.A. Degree Program
  • Credits cannot have been counted on a previously completed degree program at Regent or any other institution.
  • Courses must not have received below a B grade.

Process for transferring graduate credits to RSG:

  • The student will initiate an official request in writing by filling out a transfer credit form with RSG Student Services.
  • The student will complete the top half of the form, EXCEPT for the last two columns of the table ("Corresponding Regent Course" and "# of semester hours accepted")
  • The student must also submit an official transcript for each proposed transfer course.
  • If approved, the course title, credit hours, and name of the institution where the credits were earned are entered on the student's Regent University transcript.
  • Grades for transfer credit are not entered on the transcript and are not used in the calculation of the Regent University cumulative GPA.