Government Applicants applying for a Joint Degree with the School of Law:

The Robertson School of Government will share admissions pieces with the School of Law. Incoming Joint Government and Law applicants should submit an email with the following list to the School of Law allowing them to release these specific materials to Lisa Olson in the Robertson School of Government:

  1. Goal Statement
  2. LSAT Score and Writing Sample
  3. Complete Law Application
  4. Resume
  5. Recommendation Letters
  6. Official Transcripts - for Current Law Students Only

    NOTE: The Official Transcripts should be on file with the School of Law Dean's Office for already admitted law students.

Please mention in the message to allow your email to serve as written permission to make a copy of the needed listed above materials.

  • For incoming applicants, please email Marie Markham in the Admissions Office to grant a release.
  • For applicants who are already Law Students, please complete a FERPA release form with the Law School's Dean's Office. The Dean's Office is also requiring an email from the Robertson School of Government's Admissions Manager before Law materials will be released.

The following materials should be submitted separately to the Admissions Manager within the Robertson School of Government:

  1. School of Government Application - Online
  2. Application Fee - $50.00
  3. Official Transcripts from all undergraduate and/or graduate institutions attended be submitted directly to RSG for your admissions file.

    NOTE: (Transcripts submitted to RSG from the School of Law Admissions Office (sent by LSAC) are not considered official)

Waived Materials for Government and Law Joint Applicants:

  1. Writing Sample on "The Most Pressing Public Policy Issue for Today" - our committee will evaluate the writing component of the LSAT.
  2. GRE