Joint Degrees:

Regent University offers students an opportunity to earn two master's degrees through a Joint Degree program that reduces the overall credit hours required to earn the degrees. Joint degrees are available between the School of Government and Regent's other graduate schools.

Typically, a joint degree program will reduce the required credits by about 20% from the requirements of the two degrees if earned separately. As a general principle, students should seek admission to a joint degrees program before the completion of one-third of any single degree program. This should coincide with the completion of the student's approved degree plan (ADP). A joint degree program will normally require a minimum of two-and-one-half to three years of full-time study (four years for the M.Div. or JD)

M.A. in Government and Juris Doctor
Today's most perplexing legal and governmental issues must be addressed with a firm stand for the principles upon which our nation was founded. Those who are equipped with the practical skills of law and government, combined with the ethical values founded in a Judeo-Christian worldview, can embrace the challenge and take that stand with wisdom and confidence.

Regent University's joint degree program in law and government provides:

  • a solid philosophical foundation

  • professional legal training

  • a blend of knowledge, skills, values and principles providing the foundation for professional and personal success

Students pursuing a joint Juris Doctor (JD) can, in only one additional year, gain a solid foundation for public service by earning a master's degree in Government from the Robertson School of Government. Similarly, government students will significantly enhance their professional standing and ability to influence important issues by earning a law degree.
Suggested Full-Time Student Joint with Law Degree Program:
Year 1: Robertson School of Government
Year 2-4: School of Law

Remember that you must apply to both the Robertson School of Government and the School of Law separately, and be accepted by each school.


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