Textbook Information

The Regent University Bookstore handles textbooks for both campus and distance courses. Textbook information is generally available three weeks prior to the beginning of each semester. However, since we recognize that students often wish to purchase their books well in advance, we are providing a listing of required textbooks for each course.

This listing will be updated if changes occur in textbook editions, course requirements, etc., so we strongly recommend that students check the site periodically until the beginning of the semester. If you experience difficulty getting your books as early as you'd like from the bookstore, feel free to purchase them from another bookseller.

Note about APA 6th edition first printing: The APA identified several errors in the first printing of the 6th edition of the APA Guide. For more information/corrections, visit the APA site at http://supp.apa.org/style/pubman-reprint-corrections-for-2e.pdfPDF.