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Ph.D. Christian Education Leadership

Cognate Description:

The Christian Education Leadership cognate is designed to equip educators (including parents and pastors) with vision and accompanying skills for bringing full biblical fidelity to Christian education. The Bible strenuously admonishes that each generation be raised to love and obey God in every dimension of life. We are thus compelled to excel in Christian education for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Christian Education Leadership cognate focuses on how to make Christian education as biblically sound as possible. It is intended to "produce" fully orbed disciples of Jesus Christ who can, in turn, "reproduce" other disciples.  Special emphasis is placed on practical applications in Christian education as guided by expert professional understandings. Instruction in the program is problem-based, case-study, and project oriented.  Mentoring and personalization of professional interests within courses are emphasized as much as possible. This cognate does not require a master's degree from our Christian School program as a prerequisite, but it is a conceptual extension of it. The cognate courses emphasize skills in both leadership and curriculum/teaching and can be taken in several combinations to total 6 credit hours for each of the three cognate semesters. Read dissertation abstracts of students in the Christian Education Leadership cognate.