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Dr. Don Finn
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I recently visited the site of the first documented landing of English settlers in America. As I looked toward the vast Atlantic, I wondered what the voyagers were thinking. Knowing that they were seeking a new, promising life, one where religious freedom could be experienced, I believe they saw an ocean of opportunity and a horizon of hope. As we fast forward 400 years, we indeed see the reality of the settlers dreams largely through the creation of educational options where all people have the opportunity to learn, thus increasing their hope for the future.

Today there are many challenges to keeping the expectations of hope and opportunity alive: the enormous increase in students living in poverty, with negative outside influences and without parental involvement. More than ever the field of education needs men and women in teaching and administrative positions who are aligned with head, heart and hands. The head must have the knowledge to assess and respond to the problems that inhibit student learning. The heart must feel compassion as it sees students as God sees them. The hands must be skilled to perform the needed tasks with integrity and character. With an army of educators who are aligned with head, heart and hands, students will grasp the opportunities before them and embrace hope that their gifts and talents will be used to fulfill the purposes in their lives.

Over the last 25 years, graduates of the School of Education have delivered opportunity and hope to thousands of students around the country and the world. Our alumni are teaching literacy to students from diverse backgrounds and at various skill levels and earning Teacher-of-the -Year honors. Our alumni are administrators who take the lead in raising student academic achievement and behavior from rock bottom to far past the acceptable standards—winning local, state and national recognition. Why? They are providing their students with opportunities, through quality education, to achieve their hopes and dreams.

I invite you to investigate our teacher preparation, in-service professional training opportunities, leadership and administration course work, or our doctoral programs. Together with our excellent faculty and dedicated staff we can open opportunities for your hopes to be realized through the alignment of head, heart and hands. View Dr. Finn's vita>>

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