Sample Full-Time Student Budget - One Year

This sample budget is provided to serve as a guide to expense planning. The cost of living calculations are based on an average master's level student's living circumstances in the Virginia Beach area and are estimated for all three terms: fall, spring and summer. If an applicant lacks projection information, figures from this form may be used as basic guides. If you'd prefer to customize a budget for yourself, use our cost calculator.

Living Costs Single Married¹
  On-Campus Housing $7,500 $9,300
  Food $3,264 $4,200
  Health Insurance/Medical Expenses $2,216 $7,746
(laundry, cleaning, toiletries, gifts, local transportation², emergencies, etc.)
$3,000 $3,600
  Subtotal Living Costs $15,980 $24,846
Education Costs
  Master’s Tuition
(24 credits [full time: 9 fall, 9 spring, 6 summer] @ $495 per credit hour)
$11,880 $11,880
  Books and Supplies $1,000 $1,000
(On-Campus: $1,225; Online Learning: $885)
$1,225 $1,225
  Subtotal Education Costs $14,105 $14,105

Total (Estimated Budget)



Sample Budget Notes:

  1. Add $3,000 per child for the year. Students with children live in the "Village" housing first floor apartments.
  2. If you are planning to own a vehicle, add $3,468 per year for single students and $4,044 for married students to cover automobile fuel, oil, insurance, license and maintenance expenses in the miscellaneous column.

Courtney McBath, M.Div. '98

Courtney McBath, M.Div. '98

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