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Current Student FAQ

How do I register for courses?

In general, registration takes place online, through our GENISYS system. Each semester you will need to review the current course schedule, determine which classes you would like to register for, make note of the Course Reference Number (CRN), and then log in to the GENISYS system to add courses to your schedule. See the Online Registration page for step-by-step instructions.

How do I update my email address when it changes?

It is each student's responsibility to check their Regent email account daily. Otherwise, they may miss important emails sent by the school and professors. Official emails originating from the school will be sent to your Regent email address ( (Replies will be sent to the account from which the student's email originated.)

Students may forward their Regent email to another account through the Regent Web Mail interface. However, they are still responsible for all information sent to the Regent account regardless of problems they may have with an alternate account.

How do I update my telephone number or mailing address info?

This information is updated in GENISYS. Make sure you keep this current so that your professors and the school can contact you. See the Genisys tutorials for step-by-step instructions.

Who do I contact if I'm having computer problems?

If you are having problems with Genisys or on-campus computers, you should contact Information Technology (757.352.4076; email: or visit the IT website. If you are having problems using Blackboard™, consult the Blackboard FAQ page. If you still have a problem, send an email to Be sure to include your full name, current phone number, and Blackboard username in the message.

How much is tuition, and where do I pay my tuition and fees?

Tuition per credit hour for our master's and doctoral programs can be found on the Tuition & Financial Aid page. Tuition per semester or year can be calculated by multiplying the number of credits in which you will enroll by the per-credit tuition cost. Additional student fees will be charged in addition to the per-credit-hour cost on a semester or yearly basis.

You need to log on to Genisys to make a payment, view your balance or review your financial aid status.

Who should I contact for information about Financial Aid?

For information about student loans or endowed university-wide scholarships, contact the Central Financial Aid Office (757.352.4125). The School of Divinity also offers a variety of scholarships and discounts. For information, please visit the Tuition & Financial Aid page.

Do I have to buy a computer?

If you do not own a computer you may use one in the several computer labs on campus. Otherwise, it is important that each student has reliable access to a computer that meets the minimum requirements in both hardware and software set by the university. Having a sufficient computer will greatly enhance the graduate education experience; this is fully explained on the Computer Standards page.

Where do I get student academic forms?

Student academic forms allow you to request changes, add and drop courses after the add/drop period, and petition for course waivers or changes to your ADP. You may download academic forms on the Academic Forms page.

Where can I find the syllabi for my courses?

Course syllabi are found in Blackboard™. Your MyRegent ID will be required to access syllabi.

How do I find out what books to buy for my courses?

Required course materials are listed in each course's syllabus, found on Blackboard™.

How do I purchase textbooks and materials for my courses?

For all courses, whether modular, online or on-campus, students may purchase their textbooks from the Regent University Bookstore.

Always follow what the course syllabus says concerning what textbooks are required for the course, or you may end up purchasing materials you do not need. If you have questions, contact your professor. Some materials (documents, etc.) can be downloaded in your course area in Blackboard™.

When does the semester begin and end?

These dates and more are found on the School of Divinity's Academic Calendar.

Where are my classes held?

Room numbers for Virginia Beach and modular courses are listed on the semester course schedule. See the registration page for a link to the course schedule. You can locate the buildings on campus with the campus map.

Please plan to arrive early for your first class to allow time to locate your classroom within each building.

How do I contact a student, staff member or professor?

To contact the School of Divinity, use the information found on our contact us page.

Each professor's contact information is listed on their faculty page, linked from the faculty page.

You can contact information for staff members on the staff page.

To contact a fellow student, you can email them through Blackboard if you have shared a class with them. Regent University does not provide a directory of student contact information.

How do I access the Academic and/or University Calendar?

The School of Divinity's Academic Calendar is available on the Divinity website. There is also a University Calendar.

Where do I get my computer logins and passwords for on-campus computers, email, Blackboard™ and GENISYS?

These are emailed to new students after they are accepted to the School of Divinity. If you have not received them or have lost them, you need to contact Regent University Information Technology (IT) for assistance (757.352.4076; email:

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Bruce Smith, D.Min. '06

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