Master of Arts in Practical Theology - On Campus or Completely Online


The M.A. in Practical Theology is a professional theology degree for those who have been called to specialized ministry settings. This program underscores the importance of the application of theology to everyday life and ministry. Spiritual formation, coursework, research and internships will help you develop practical solutions to ministry challenges.

Length: 48 credit hours. Students typically complete this degree in two and a half to four years. The program must be completed within five years. Students may begin the program in August, October, January, March, May or June.
Format: Courses are delivered entirely online or through a blend of online and on-campus courses.
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Features: The M.A. is available in seven concentrations and is a good fit for students wishing to earn an online master's degree in theology.

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The School of Divinity is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). Our fully online Master of Arts in Practical Theology and Master of Divinity degrees are offered as approved exceptions to the ATS Educational Standard, sections ES.2.1.1, ES.4.2.6, and ES.4.2.19; and section 3.1 of Standards A and B.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of this program will:

Experience holistic formation with emphasis on Christ-like character and spiritual vitality.

Develop competence in biblical literacy and interpretation, the history of Christianity and theological reflection from a Renewal perspective.

Prepare for Christ-centered leadership in the education, training and development of communities served.

Enhance their global competence for balanced understanding, practice and participation in diverse contemporary contexts of life.

Advance their proficiency in the content, theory and practice of ministry.

Core Courses

Students in the M.A. program take 18 credit hours of "context" courses, 15 credit hours of "perspectives" courses, 12 credit hours of "concentration" courses and a 3-credit-hour supervised ministry experience.

Context Courses
UNIV LIB Library Info Research & Writing 0 credits
ENGL 500 Graduate Academic Writing 0 credits
SFRM 501 Spiritual Formation Foundations 3 credits
BIBL 504 Biblical Hermeneutics 3 credits
BOTB 500 Old Testament 3 credits
BNTB 500 New Testament 3 credits
HCHT History of Christianity (choose 1 of 4) 3 credits
THEO 500 Christian Theology 3 credits
Perspectives Courses
One Intercultural Elective 3 credits
ICSD 500 World Christian Perspectives, ICSD 521 World Religions, ICSD 531 Theology of Global Missions or ICSD 545 Cross-Cultural Communication
Three Interdisciplinary Electives 9 credits
One BIBL, BNTB, or BOTB course (Biblical Studies), one HCHT course (History), and one THEO course (Theology)
One Ministerial Leadership Elective 3 credits
PMIN 501 Leadership in Church & Ministry, PMIN 524 Preparation of Biblical Messages, PMIN 525 Pulpit Ministry or THEO 522 Christian Ethics
Concentration Courses 12 credits
Supervised Ministry Experience 3 credits
Read course descriptions and more detailed program information in Regent's academic catalog.


Church & Ministry

Provides a wide range of classes covering the theology and practice of ministry in both church and para-church settings. Courses vary by semester and include Pastoral Theology, Women in Ministry, and Foundation for Ministry Coaching.

Cosmogony (Pending SACSCOC Approval)

The Master of Arts in Practical Theology with a concentration in Cosmogony is an innovative science program that will provide you with scientific insights and Biblical perspectives on the origin of the universe. The program will also equip you with the knowledge to intellectually engage scientific thought, and the skills to communicate biblically-informed responses to faith-science inquiries. The course of study examines critical areas of science related to cosmology, human origins and astronomy, as well as science-faith integration. This program enhances the education of pastors as they seek ways to better engage science in the culture and educate their congregations.

  • Advance in the levels of proficiency in the content, theory and practice of ministry.
  • Learn effective leadership and communication strategies to improve the understanding of science and faith issues.
  • Apply Christ-centered leadership in education, training and development solutions to communities in need.
  • Develop competence in biblical literacy and interpretation, the history of Christianity and theological reflection from a Renewal perspective.

Career Opportunities
Pastoral Ministry
Church Education
Spiritual Formation Counseling

Intercultural Studies

Designed to enhance the global competence of students and to prepare them for serving in a diverse range of cultural contexts. Courses vary by semester and include History of Global Missions, Cross-Cultural Communication, and African Pentecostal Theology.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Students can choose courses from across the disciplines represented within the School of Divinity in order to tailor a program concentration to their individual academic and ministry interests. In addition, it is possible to take up to two courses from another graduate school within Regent University so students can develop other skills and perspectives that will enhance their ministry preparation.

Marketplace Ministry

You can apply innovative business and leadership principles that help remove barriers and extend the Church into the business world. Our M.A. in Practical Theology with a concentration in Marketplace Ministry is designed to help you develop a business-as-mission strategy that opens new doors of ministry influence. Focusing on biblical principles, online technologies, and strategic business and leadership skills, the Marketplace Ministry concentration will equip you to integrate faith and work with purpose so that you can make a positive impact in your organization, your community and the global marketplace. Through the Marketplace Ministry concentration, you will:

  • View the contemporary marketplace from a Christian perspective and discover how to effectively integrate your faith.
  • Gain the practical knowledge and people skills required to motivate, coach and disciple those you lead.
  • Investigate organizational behavior and discover how it affects leadership effectiveness.
  • Learn how to develop an effective ministry-minded corporate or not-for-profit organization.
  • Explore evangelism, ethics and online technologies to mobilize leaders to transform communities, the marketplace and the nation.

You'll also have the opportunity to develop your strategic planning, organizational design and consulting abilities to not only launch your own business, but to help others expand their ministry into the marketplace as well.

Career Opportunities
Ministry Director
Corporate Chaplain
Pastor / Campus Minister
Church Planter / Missionary
Business Executive / Administrator

Practical Healing

The Master of Arts in Practical Theology, offered online and on campus, will arm you with additional biblical knowledge as you pursue your ministry calling. The heart of this program is the understanding from the perspectives of the Bible that theology is intensely practical. You will apply balanced reasoning informed by Scripture and develop solutions to ministry challenges as you experience personal spiritual transformation and strengthen your leadership ability. Through the concentration in Practical Healing, you will focus on the renewing work of the Spirit in physical healing, deliverance, and inner healing. In this concentration, you will explore practical models for healing and develop a theology of healing applicable to your spiritual community. You will also gain a solid foundation in hermeneutics, Old and New Testament, Christian theology, and spiritual formation. Additional coursework includes topics such as the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, angelology and demonology, intercession, pastoral care and the Charismatic movement, which you may choose according to your area of interest.

Worship & Media

How do you successfully combine music, media and creative storytelling to cultivate a Spirit-led worship experience? Regent University's M.A. in Practical Theology with a concentration in Worship & Media equips you to develop creative approaches to worship with sound theological and ministerial training. You'll learn how to access the tools and technology you need to support authentic worship in contemporary contexts. Courses offer training in:

  • Integrating web-based media, film and theatre in contemporary worship
  • Producing and directing various forms of media
  • Incorporating psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs
  • Leading an effective worship team
  • Developing meaningful and purposeful liturgy

You'll also have the opportunity to explore Internet, social media and mobile media marketing theories, strategies and tools to help you widen the impact of your worship experience.

Career Opportunities
Worship Leader
Worship Artist
Director of Worship Ministries
Director of Youth Ministries
Director of Worship
Music Minister
Campus Minister
Church Planter

Tierra S. Gibbs M.A. '12

Tierra S. Gibbs, M.A. '12

Chaplain, U.S. Army Reserves

"My journey through the School of Divinity was transformational, challenging and inspirational. The Spirit-filled faculty and staff were dedicated to my success as a student and a military officer, and my classes—both on-campus and online—exuded excellence and sound biblical teaching. Regent helped guide me into my destiny as a military leader and is truly the leading global Christian university."