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Therapy Process

Therapy is a process of partnering with a clinician to develop new skills, heal emotional wounds, and/or assess areas of personal functioning. The Psychological Services Center (PSC) offers individual, couple, family, and group therapy options.


The purpose of the intake is to gather relevant data and make sound clinical decisions regarding the appropriateness of therapy, assess the best resource to meet the clients needs, determine if supplemental services are recommended, facilitate a clear understanding of the therapy process, and secure appropriate documentation outlining client rights and responsibilities.

The intake therapist will ask structured questions regarding the presenting problem and explore factors that could be impacting the situation. Clients are invited to complete some paperwork verifying that they understand their rights and responsibilities (HIPAA forms, Informed Consent, etc.) during this time as well. When the intake is completed, a clear course of action should be identified (e.g., individual therapy, group/family/couple therapy, assessment services, or a referral to another agency that better suits the client's needs). The intake is usually scheduled for 1.5 hours.

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