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Tuition Rates

  • M.A. in Human Services Counseling: $595 per semester hour
  • M.A. in Counseling:
    $710 per semester hour
  • Doctoral Programs:
    $780 per semester hour
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Admissions Counselors

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Chris Graham

Chris Graham
Psy.D. Applicants
1-800-681-5906 Toll Free
(757) 352-4231 Direct
SKYPE: christopher.graham51

Heidi Cece

Heidi Cece
Director of Admissions
1-800-681-5906 Toll free
(757) 352-4809 Direct
SKYPE: heidi.cece

Katie Kerley

Katie Kerley
Ph.D. Applicants
1-800-681-5906 Toll free
(757) 352-4132 Direct
SKYPE: kpecht

Amanda Leffel

Amanda Leffel
M.A. in Counseling Applicants
1-800-681-5906 Toll free
(757) 352-4804 Direct
SKYPE: amanda.leffel

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