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Lee A. Underwood, Psy.D.

Lee A. Underwood, Psy.D.
Professor (2009)
Associate Professor (2008)
Assistant Professor (1999)

Areas of Interest
  • Juvenile Justice and Metal Health
  • Juvenile Sex Offenders
  • Cultural Competence & Human Relationship Skills
  • Program Evaluation and Design
  • Gender Specific and Trauma Informed Care
  • Residential Models of Care for At-Risk Adolescents
  • Evidenced-based Treatments for Juvenile Offenders
  • Screening and Assessing the Mental Health Needs of Adolescents

To me, love, life and laughter are my motto - all within the context of relationships. Teaching at Regent has allowed opportunities to invest these values in the lives of students — this is indeed my passion! These values were distilled in me at an early age. Born in Fort Wayne, Ind., the second born of six children, four boys and two girls, my parents stressed relationship within the context of ambition as the primary way to achieve passion.  My quest to integrate relationship and passion continued through high school, college and graduate school.  As a profession, I chose counseling with an emphasis in biblical counseling during my undergraduate studies. During college, I applied the values of relationship and passion serving as the first Youth Pastor for True Love Missionary Baptist church in Fort Wayne, Ind.

I continued training at the graduate level in counseling and clinical psychology. In this, I directed much of my energy and passion toward research concerning serious mental health and antisocial behaviors in adolescents; violent and chronic juvenile offenders; sexually aggressive youth; youths presenting psychiatric emergencies; co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders of adolescents; maltreating families; screening and assessment of co-occurring disorders; suicide awareness and crisis response education; program design and evaluation of juvenile justice-involved youth; and the development of clinically effective treatments and protocols. I have written extensively on mental health needs of adolescents including residential care, screening and assessment, ethnic minority youth, co-occurring mental health and substance use, sexual aggression, and trauma. 

I love my relationship with Regent University as the School of Psychology & Counseling's programs focus on mentoring students into “greatness.” I serve as chairperson of several doctoral dissertation projects. I teach clinical courses including Psychopathology, Advanced Assessment Techniques, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, Community Counseling, Consultation Practices & Supervision and Program Evaluation. Inspirations for my work come from my life experiences and from the pain of those whom I serve. I try to capture a moment from a life event and convert it into an emotion that I later express in my work. Reliance on God’s direction, research and the art of counseling is involved in all my work. Clinical procedures with youth and educational topics with my students are drawn from various resources ranging from previous clinical experience to current events.  

I live in Virginia Beach, Va., with my wife, Dr. Christina Underwood, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, and our two children, Braxton and Brittanie.  To me, love, life and laughter are my motto!

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