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Glen Moriarty
“If you are in graduate school, then it should be cool to be broke.”

Glen Moriarty, Psy.D.

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Financial Aid Resources for Graduate School

Regent University's School of Psychology & Counseling offers financial aid resources for graduate school including scholarships, grants, loans and the following opportunities.

Military Benefits

Today's service member and many veterans are eligible for some of the most significant graduate school military benefits for higher education in a generation. Regent is recognized as a top military-friendly institution, and part of the reason behind that is generous financial assistance for graduate school through a variety of sources.

Corporate Partners

Regent University has partnered with a variety of employers who value the education and training Regent can offer to their employees. Click the link above to visit the Corporate Partners website for full details on partner organizations and the tuition benefits available to eligible employees. Note that Regent also works with students eligible to receive employer reimbursement outside of our partnership agreements – contact the Business Office for more information on this resource for students.

External Funds

You may be eligible to receive other financial assistance for graduate school. Find out how Virginia residents and veterans can receive benefits. For others, see helpful websites offering outside scholarship opportunities. Employers may also offer reimbursements for education costs.

Assistance for Pre-Doctoral Students

Pre-doctoral students can find financial assistance for graduate school from several sources. Find tips on how you can receive resources from sources such as online directories, federal agencies, foundations, fellowships and specialized programs.

More Resources for Students

These links will give you more ideas about funding and helpful information.

Financial Aid Policy

Use these pages as a resource while considering financial aid.

Financial Aid Application
Important Financial Aid Information
Financial Aid Eligibility  
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