School of Psychology & Counseling

Computer Requirements - Human Services Counseling

Students will be expected to use computers for several important tasks in the Human Services Counseling program on a regular basis.

All students are issued a Regent email account and it is vital that students check their Regent email frequently. Most classes make extensive use of a supplemental virtual learning environment called Blackboard. Students will need stable access to the Internet to use Blackboard. In some cases, weekly course materials, syllabi and even online assignments/exams are distributed or administered exclusively through Blackboard. Check the syllabi for your classes for details on how Blackboard is used in a particular course.

Students may access Blackboard and their Regent email through the computer labs located on campus but it is strongly recommended that each student have access to a home computer for these purposes. Extensive use of word processors for writing and revising papers is also expected. Students will typically have to access files in MS Word or PDF format. The program currently uses a Windows XP environment with Office XP applications as the standard work tools. Students are advised to purchase and maintain a compatible computer (either a desktop or laptop).

The IT department for Regent University has compiled a list of recommended hardware and software. Students are encouraged to own personal computers that meet these recommended hardware and software guidelines.

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