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Student Profiles: Cedric Rucker

"My training at Regent gave me a meaningful way to express my empathy-it's passion and compassion combined and they could feel the authenticity of it."
- Cedric Rucker

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CACREP Quality Matters Program

Counseling Program Objectives

  1. To provide leadership in the integration of sound and ethical clinical practice, skills and techniques, and biblically based values.
  2. To promote the enhancement of accurate self-awareness and understanding.
  3. To encourage professional development through participation and leadership in professional organizations.
  4. To provide studies in the core areas of counseling knowledge and skills to include the following: human growth and development, social (family systems) and cultural foundations, helping relationships (including skills and techniques), group work, research and program evaluation, appraisal, career development, personality theories, and professional orientation and ethics.
  5. To provide studies in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders (addictions, psychopathology).
  6. To provide comprehensive supervised clinical experience in community agency and school settings.

Our professional programs prepare graduates in a distinctly Christian manner while meeting accreditation, certification and educational requirements for licensure. These programs are designed for individuals to take their knowledge into every corner of the world in order to assist people in the prevention and resolution of the problems of human living. A strong emphasis is placed on the restoration of relationships: individual to God, individual to individual and restoration within the family, the church and the community.

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