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Theatre Arts Department

Welcome to the Department of Theatre Arts web site! Whether your interest is a multidisciplinary master's degree or a terminal degree in acting, a graduate degree in Theatre from Regent University will position you well for a career in the Theatre Arts. In the Department of Theatre Arts we seek to express life's most profound truths as deposited in written drama and expressed through the power and passion of live performance. The Department of Theatre Arts seeks theatre artists who share our vision and our desire to shake the world of the theatre at its very core; to have a positive and spirit-filled impact upon the academy, the industry, and the church. In the Department of Theatre Arts you will be stretched, challenged, and nurtured into being the best you can be as an artist, scholar, and spiritual being. It is your unique voice that has the potential to impact upon the future of the theatre, indeed, the future of our culture. Our department's faculty is credentialed on par with the best institutions of higher education and national conservatories. They are nationally and internationally active as working professionals and scholars. Established members of all the major theatrical unions, they are seasoned and well-connected in the industry and the academy. But, what sets them apart as theatre artists and educators is their shared commitment to using their gifts to the glory of God. You see, at one time every member of the faculty had to answer the same question you're facing: Am I being called to Regent University? Each of us recognized that Regent represented that unique intersection of artistic excellence and spiritual calling. We all came to realize that if there was a place where we could train and equip the next generation of theatre artists holistically, fully recognizing the integration of mind, body and spirit in the creative process, then Regent was it!

I encourage you to read our mission statement, move through the web pages and take the time to investigate our graduate programs. May God bless you as you seek His will and your calling!

Michael Hill-Kirkland, MFA, Ph.D.

Chair, Department of Theatre Arts
Regent University