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Strategic Communication & Journalism

We are excited that you have inquired about our programs here in the Department of Strategic Communication & Journalism at Regent University. While you'll find much good information there, you may still have a few questions.

Although I cannot answer all the questions you may have in this letter, what I hope it can do is provide an insightful, seasoned overview for your consideration. In my 20 years here at Regent University as a professor, administrator and research fellow, I know of no alumni who ever regretted completing their master's or doctoral degree program in our school. Rather, the lives of many students have been profoundly changed through their time at Regent University. I could tell you that companies are looking for graduates who know how to work and lead others though effective and strategic communication. I could also tell you about all the colleges and universities throughout the country and abroad where our Ph.D. graduates are teaching, or of the hundreds of articles, books and other academic publications our Ph.D. alumni have accumulated over the years. But these would simply be conventional reasons of why I encourage you to come here. You will find the most potent reason wrapped in answers to two questions you alone must answer: Have you been called and gifted by God to pursue advanced training in communications, and do you believe that Regent's graduate program will educate and empower you to fulfill that calling?

If the answers to these questions is yes, then please don't waste another minute. Access an application online, and submit it. Here, you will move forward into fulfilling your life's purpose. Our admissions staff would love to guide you through your additional questions, so give us a call if you need more information before applying. On behalf of all the faculty, may God bless you as you seek His calling.


Dr. William J. Brown

Chair of Strategic Communication & Journalism
Regent University




Guest Lecturer

Oxford Scholar, Dr. Michael Ward, comes to Regent to speak about his studies and findings on C.S. Lewis. Read more about his visit, and view his lecture in its entirety.

Dr. Michael Ward's presentation: "The Heavens are
Telling the Glory of God: C.S. Lewis, Narnia, and the Planets"


Industry Trends: Strategic Communication

The Internet is revolutionizing all facets of our life. It is seemingly impossible to keep up with the latest changes in technology. Now, thanks to Dr. Harry Sova, professor of Journalism, Communication & Pop Culture, and Strategic Communication in the School of Communication & the Arts at Regent University, you can get a summary of some of the latest developments in new and interactive media and how it is influencing our culture.

* SurfingTheNet--v21 of 2012-08-22

* SurfingTheNet--v01 of 2012-04-10

* SurfingTheNet--v07 of 2011-06-07

* SurfingTheNet--v06 of 2011-04-25

* SurfingTheNet--v05 of 2011-03-02

* SurfingTheNet--v04 of 2011-02-17

* SurfingTheNet--v03 of 2011-02-04

* SurfingTheNet--v02 of 2011-01-19

* SurfingTheNet--v01 of 2011-01-05