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The school provides a wide range of publications that include works of both a practical and scholarly nature.  Authors include experts from the business, nonprofit and government sectors as well as faculty and doctoral students from Regent University and colleagues from other leading universities. Most materials are available to the public at no cost and are useful to those engaged in business, management or leadership and seeking a unique perspective in innovation, excellence and the impact of biblical principles in today's world.

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Online and immediate access to each of our scholarly journals.
The Entrepreneur's Guild
Digital interviews featuring leading and emergent entrepreneurs.
Leadership Talks: Insights from leadership scholars and practitioners
Audio segments addressing current leadership & business topics.
Measurement instruments created by SBL faculty, staff and students.
Published Works
Books written and published by SBL faculty, staff and students.
Conference Proceedings
Proceedings from various roundtables and conferences.
Scholarly Research
Doctoral students' leadership research projects.