The Business & Leadership Educational Model

Conducted online, each of our graduate degree programs uses learning methods that require students to learn independently, but not alone. The integrative use of communication technology connects students with professors and peers. Our educational approach brings together these important aspects of e-learning link opens in a new window in a cohort model and the autonomous learning model.

Cohort Model

The School of Business & Leadership (SBL) attracts students from a variety of industry, ethnic and denominational backgrounds providing a rich opportunity for students to encounter diverse ideas, people and experiences that will enhance their growth personally and professionally.

Although SBL students are self-directed learners, a key factor in their success in the program is the use of social presence and a cohort model. SBL students interact with their colleagues in online webinars, dialogues and through social media, enabling them to learn from each other and from faculty. In addition, those who begin the program in the same semester will move through the required core course portion of the program as a cohort at the same pace (2 courses/ 6 credit hours each semester) until they reach their elective credit hours. This cohesiveness not only builds community, but also allows our graduate students to draw deep and lasting multidisciplinary insights on leadership from diverse cultures and sectors. A cohort model also allows students to build relationships that extend beyond the classroom to provide opportunities for encouragement, professional networking and academic research.

Autonomous Learning Model

In SBL we believe that learning comes from, and is, a gift from God. Proverbs 1:5 states, "A wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding will attain wise counsel." This biblical passage instructs Christians to become lifelong learners and invites the learners to seek informed facilitators—scholars of learning—for growth and the attainment of understanding.

Rather than lecturing and testing for correct answers, SBL faculty members function as mentors or coaches to provide autonomous learning environments in which they may guide students in the pursuit of scholarly understanding, thinking, learning and practical application. Faculty members create avenues for learner autonomy through face-to-face learning opportunities and/or e-learning.

As students learn to rely on their own initiative, resourcefulness, persistence in learning and personal intentions, they will become better equipped for the lifelong pursuit of knowledge that will help them embrace challenges beyond graduate study at Regent University.

Regent University
Alumni Spotlight

Christian Graduate School of Business Graduate

Harvey Herman, DSL '07
National Director of Missionary Training, Chi Alpha Campus Ministries

"It was such a stretching experience to interact with people from the corporate world, small business and the military. My perspective on leadership practice is much richer and diverse."