Course Map: Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership
Beginning Fall 2016

All students in the Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership degree program complete the following core curriculum in the sequence and semesters specified.

  1. Blocks 1 and 2 must begin with the residency (R) course.
  2. All courses in Block 1 must be completed prior to taking courses in Block 2. Students may take LPHD 754 concurrently with the last Block 1 course.
  3. Students must complete all core content and research/analysis courses before taking concentration elective courses. The first concentration elective may be taken concurrently with the last core course.
  4. At the successful completion of all PhD coursework, students may proceed to their comprehensive exams.

[Beginning Fall 2016]

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3


LPHD 751 (R) & UNIV LIB**

LPHD 754 (R)

Concentration Elective 1

Comprehensive Exams

LPHD 752*

LPHD 757*

Concentration Elective 2

LPHD 861

LPHD 753

LPHD 762

Concentration Elective 3

LPHD 862

LPHD 756

LPHD 764

Concentration Elective 4

LPHD 863

LPHD 761

LPHD 758*

Seminar Concentration Course

LPHD 864

LPHD 763


LPHD 759
Taken with the last course

LPHD 865
Each semester until completion

Total Credits Hours: 60
[Required Courses: 33 credit hours | Concentration Electives: 15 credit hours | Dissertation: 12 credit hours]

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* These courses have one or more prerequisites
** All students are required to take UNIV LIB (0), but the course is waived if a student successfully completes UNIV 500
(2). Students are registered for UNIV 500 (2) instead of UNIV LIB (0) based on their admissions writing sample score.
(R) Required Residency Course