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Mission and Responsibilities

Today's global issues affect everybody everywhere: climate change, global terrorism, crises in interconnected global economy, global diseases, religious and ethnic clashes, growing poverty and injustice, and more. Professionals and organizations that do not understand or are not prepared to respond to these issues will not be able to survive in the global market.

More than ever, Regent University has a deeper global commitment and engagement aimed to position the university as a global center of Christian thought and action and to form globally competent Christian leaders.

The Office of Global Affairs' (OGA) mission is to lead Regent in expanding its international presence and influence and delivering a Christian value-based education integrated to a global perspective at home to expertly equip Regent University's graduates to serve and succeed in the global marketplace.

OGA has three main responsibilities:

  • To develop strategies for coordinating and expanding the university's international presence and operations.
  • To establish and enhance the university's strengths and reputation as a global center of Christian thought and action.
  • To lead, encourage and integrate globally focused efforts within Regent's virtual and physical campus to form globally competent Christian leaders.