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Bishop Wellington Boone Speaks at Chapel

By Amanda Morad | September 27, 2013

Bishop Wellington Boone
Photo by Alex Perry

At Regent University's weekly chapel service on Wednesday, Sept. 25, Bishop Wellington Boone, conference speaker for Promise Keepers and founder of The Fellowship of International Churches, spoke on what it means to have a passionate heart toward God.

"We are sitting in the manifestation of a word from God spoken to a man," Boone reminded the audience. "This whole university is a manifestation of a word given to a life connected to God.

"The fire burning in front of the CBN building should be a reflection of the fire burning within us. How real is the flame of passion within you?"

The Scripture he referenced was 2 Corinthians 5:6-7 which reminds the recipients of Paul's letter to "walk by faith and not by sight."

"There's a lot of judging going on in the Church by the seeing of the eye, rather than by the Word of the Holy Spirit," Boone said, referencing the state of a nation in turmoil whose Church is quickly losing hope. "I know there's a lot of pressure—factions fighting, culture wars flaring up—but we need to define what's going on in America not by politics, but by what's going on in the Church."

Boone stressed the importance of keeping God's opinion top priority rather than seeking acceptance in the world. "[Jesus] wasn't conscious of offending people, He was conscious of offending God," Boone noted.

He also reminded the audience that, as freely as grace has been given by Jesus' death and resurrection, holiness is still required of those who claim to follow Him.

"His payment on the cross doesn't mean we don't have to repent of sin today," Boone said. "Jesus died in the flesh for our salvation, but we are called to die to the flesh every day."

He left the audience with an encouragement that those who have consecrated and passionate hearts for God are virtually limitless in what they can accomplish for Christ.

"God can take you anywhere, no matter what your race, your gender, or your educational level," Boone said. "But as long as you're more conscious of perceived limitations, you'll never be successful in doing what God called you to."

Getting to that consecrated and passionate heart isn't easy, Boone iterated. It requires obedience and a commitment to holiness.

"You won't find one man of God in the Bible who did what he did for God around convenience," Boone said. "It's always done around sacrifice."

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