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Regent University Announces New Branding

| September 20, 2013

As Regent University continues to grow and to raise its standards of excellence, the University Marketing department announces a new branding strategy currently being implemented throughout campus and online. This strategy was developed over the last several months with help and feedback from faculty, students, staff, alumni, board members and community focus groups.

"The goal of these new developments is to bring Regent together around the ideas we share in common," said Vice President for Marketing & Public Relations Sherri Miller. "These ideas revolve around our faith, our pursuit of knowledge and excellence, and our desire to live life with purpose as we learn to follow Christ together."

Perhaps the most notable change coming to Regent's online and on-campus identity is a return to the original school colors of blue and green. "For the past decade, the dark red has helped complement once separate graduate and undergraduate schools," Miller explained. "But the time has come to centralize our image and establish a stronger sense of heritage and school spirit around these colors."

The colors are reflected in the fresh, more easily navigable homepage at and will be implemented throughout the rest of Regent's website in the coming weeks.

The addition of a new university logo also brings a fresh look to the Regent brand. While the traditional crest will remain in use for more formal applications like buildings, diplomas, convocations and other official documents, the new logo will be used online, in print, on new signage throughout campus, and for much of the school's branded merchandise.

This new logo brings together two of Regent's top values: knowledge and faith. The left side of the logo is a half shield with three crowns on it, reflecting the Holy Trinity and representing the critical importance of faith to Regent life. The right side of the logo is shaped like the pages of an open book, reflecting the importance of knowledge and academic rigor to the Regent experience.

"Together, these are the attributes that distinguish Regent from other universities," said Vice President for Enrollment Management & IT, Tracy Stewart. "Our values set us apart and that's what draws students here."

Christian Leadership to Change the World remains Regent's motto and a tagline of the university's identity, but a thorough positioning statement that helps encapsulate the mission and vision has been developed. The core values of Christ-first, excellence and leadership continue to drive the messaging of the new brand:

"Reason and faith—together, they're what make us different. Here, we're committed to a heritage of rigorous scholarship dating back over a thousand years, and to a faith tradition dating back a thousand more. This is how we create a culture of inquiry where no topic is off limits, and a culture of hope where anything's possible. It's the freedom to think for ourselves and a responsibility to act on behalf of others. It's Christian leadership, and it's changing the world for the better.

It's higher learning. It's greater knowing. It's what makes us whole. It's what makes us Regent."

This messaging reflects what students already experience day to day: "Regent is committed to Christian thought and rigorous scholarship so that graduates are equipped to pursue their calling," Miller said. "Our graduates leave here ready to excel and inspired to lead."

The University Marketing department has been building upon these concepts with two outside agencies for several months.

Ologie, a creative branding agency out of Columbus, Ohio, has been instrumental in gathering information about Regent's identity and distilling it into a strategy for a centralized brand. The new logo, website, and other creative pieces were developed by Ologie in partnership with Regent's creative team and the many members of the community who offered their feedback throughout the process.

In addition to competitive reviews, Ologie held focus groups and interviews with a wide range of stakeholders in Regent's purview, including current students, alumni, faculty and staff and trustees. They discussed Regent's current story and current perceptions of the university, and then went to work developing the creative aspects of the new brand. Ologie's extensive client list includes universities like Vanderbilt, Purdue and Notre Dame.

Moses Anshell has helped shape Regent's new advertising campaign, in turn increasing the university's presence online, on radio and television, on billboards and in print. They were recently named the "Top Shop" for their home state of Arizona in AdWeek's United States of Ad Agencies. This top award speaks to their 32 years of service to clients like US Airways and Nintendo.

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