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Com's Graduate Programs Get a Turbo Boost

By Amanda Morad | February 19, 2013

SCA dean, Dr. Mitch Land, explains some of the changes coming to CTV graduate programs at a Town Hall meeting Tuesday, Feb. 19.

It's no secret that graduate education is a significant time commitment and can be difficult to fund. But Regent University's School of Communication & the Arts (SCA) is making it easier with a new schedule of accelerated M.A. and MFA programs launching this year.

"These accelerated programs will allow our students to acquire the necessary skills and experiences to succeed in the media markets and get into the job market much more quickly," said SCA dean, Dr. Mitch Land. "We were concerned about the high costs of education, including the length of time it takes to complete a graduate degree. As a result, the faculty worked very hard for about a year, reviewing the curriculum to make it much more focused; thereby reducing the amount of time it would take for a student to complete the degree."

In addition to these significant changes in SCA's program line-up, tuition rates are being reduced by 20 percent compared with fall 2011 rates, making programs across the board more affordable.

The eight new accelerated programs will begin enrolling in March for the fall 2013 semester. Four of the programs are one-year Master of Arts degrees available on campus or online: journalism, script writing, strategic communication and theatre. An accelerated Master of Arts in Production will be offered on campus only.

The Master of Fine Arts degrees in Cinema-Television will now be able to be completed on campus in just two years. These programs feature several immersion training programs in addition to a production-focused curriculum that allows students to practice their craft extensively before they graduate.

"Our MFA in producing, directing and screenwriting constitutes a 44-hour degree," Land added. "At other institutions, 60 hours of courses are required. We're not reducing quality, only quantity, because we focus on the essentials and making direct connections with the industry."

Processes are already in place for current students to switch from the 60-hour program to the 44-hour, or to switch from an M.A. program to the MFA. Students interested in making changes to their degree plan should contact their advisors.

With a focus on faculty mentorship, nearly 100 student projects produced annually, and top-of-the-line industry standard equipment available to students, these programs are designed to prepare graduates for immediate professional work.

"Several of our degrees can be completed in one 12-month period because we're offering fewer weeks per course without reducing the amount of time the student has in the class or with the professor," Land explained. "In addition, we offer direct connections to the marketplace by partnering with media-related businesses on projects that give our students hands-on experience. They leave here having already worked in the field to apply the knowledge they gained in the classroom and labs."

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