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Smart Goals:  An Action Plan to Achieve Your Career Goals

Regent University will prepare for you an academic action plan with specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely objectives that will enable your professional advancement and/or facilitate your transition to civilian life.

Regent has maintained a strong, ever-expanding presence as a global center of Christian thought and action since its founding. Our academic standards are exceptional—one reason Regent is ranked number four in the nation for its online degree programs by OEDb and is ranked a Top 20 in Online Education by U.S. News & World Report. Regent University is recognized nationally as one of only 22 universities in the U.S. to receive an "A" rating by ACTA. You will find that the core values you live by in uniform are the values that Regent faculty, staff, students and alumni are proud to live by.

Fully Accredited Degree Plans

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Graduate Degree Programs

Graduate Programs

Regent University is comprised of seven graduate schools, each offering a broad selection of fully accredited master's and doctoral degrees.

As you identify your school of interest, please contact that school directly to learn more about its specific academic programs and admission requirements. Each of our graduate schools offer online degrees for students with nontraditional education needs.

Our most successful graduate students are often those who have learned to balance priorities, have a clear sense of purpose and are committed to the requirements of a rigorous academic program. Graduate programs are challenging by nature but offer tremendous rewards leading to professional growth, new opportunities and what we believe to be most important: better serving God in your unique calling.

School of Law

School of Law

Interested in earning a JD or LL.M. taught from a Christian perspective?

Our rigorous, ABA-approved legal curriculum is grounded in Christian faith and values, developing a different kind of lawyer, one uniquely equipped to serve a broad spectrum of clients with excellence, humility and integrity.

Rather than integrating a Christian legal perspective at the expense of academic content, Regent supplements the curriculum by asking students to carefully explore the foundations of the law.

Alumna and Virginia Beach General District Court Judge Teresa Hammons (A.B. Harvard; JD Regent University School of Law) describes Regent's Christian perspective as the "extra" added on to a rigorous academic program.

Professional and Continuing Education

Professional & Continuing Education

Regent University offers a variety of courses to assist you in continuing your professional development.

General Education Mobile, C.C.A.F

General Education Mobile

General Education Mobile (GEM) is an educational partnership between the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) and Regent University that offers general education courses in order to meet CCAF A.A.S. degree requirements via mobile (distance) educational means.

Innovative Options - Online or On Campus

You need a rigorous and highly respected degree program that offers you the flexibility of studying from nearly anywhere in the world. In addition to our distinct on-campus learning options, Regent University offers online degree programs ranked second in the nation.

Online Learning Options

  • Degree programs that may be completed 100 percent online.
  • Online degrees with minimal annual residency requirements.
  • Blended programs that permit you to take both online and on-campus courses.

Through Regent's online programs, you'll interact with Christian faculty, proven practitioners and outstanding students in a sophisticated but user-friendly online environment.

Do you have questions about how online learning works?

Take an online course test drive to see for yourself.

Enrollment Quicklinks

Once you have determined the academic degree program you wish to pursue at Regent, visit the links below to learn more about the resources available to applicants and apply today.

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