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January 2013
Online & On Campus



This certificate is available for continuing education units (CEUs) and is not available for academic credit.

Online Certificate: Public Sector Management


January, 2013

This course is designed for working professionals in government, the non-profit sector, and pre-service students searching for entry-level positions in government and not-profits.

Each course will be three weeks long, and the certificate could be completed in 12 weeks.

This course will start in the fall but it is not scheduled yet. Please visit us online to be notified about the start date and the cost.

Promoting public interest while improving governmental responsiveness, effectiveness, and efficiency has never been more important. This course will teach civil servants how to forge ahead, and succesfully navigate a landscape where legislators wage war with each other over job creation, healthcare, the economy, and skirmish over numerous other public policy matters.

Students will learn how to integrate values into their worldviews that will help them become leaders who advocate for public interests while embracing an accountable, constitutionally based, limited, and transparent government. The certificate will explicitly incorporate the principles of servant leadership that enhance both the character and competency of students. They will be exposed to and practice both servanthood (promoting the best long-term interests of the key stakeholders) and stewardship (managing human, financial and information resources with excellence).

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how to ensure that public service staffing is done in an unbiased, ethical and values-based manner.
  • Understand the structure of government entities and the systems that are part of them
  • Understand public budgeting and taxation, and determine the best way to allocate resources among unlimited demands.
  • Make ethical decisions in challenging situations to ensure public interest is served.


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