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Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt

The Lean/Six Sigma Certificate Program combines modern principles of Lean and Six Sigma to help professionals and leaders create value for their customers while embedding a philosophy and practice of quality improvement. This program will train Black Belt candidates to identify opportunities for improvement within their companies, use Lean/Six Sigma methodology and apply the correct tools and techniques to major projects. Designed to provide the skills needed to achieve significant financial impact and improve customer service, this certificate is ideal for learning the principles of Lean/Six Sigma and preparing for Black Belt Certification.

The Lean/Six Sigma Certificate includes the following courses:

  • Course One: Define
  • Course Two: Measure
  • Course Three: Analyze
  • Course Four: Improve
  • Course Five: Control
  • Course Six: Final Project Presentation and Exam Preparation

Starts: February 7, 2014

Price: $349 per course
$2,094 for entire certificate


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